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Smart Equipment
Trolley-type smart inventory terminal
  • The LX-LB-C03 Trolley-type smart inventory terminal is an archives management assistant integrated with high-performance RFID readers. The inventory machine is equipped with a 19-inch capacitive touch screen and a graphical integrated operation interface. The RFID handheld antenna is controlled by an infrared proximity switch, which can effectively prevent misreading of tags. The handheld antenna weighs less than 80g and can adapt to long-term work. The equipment supporting software can realize the functions of book inventory, wrong shelf, sequential shelf, put on shelf, pick out the old books and so on. Inventory: It can display the number of books on the current level, and can generate a list of books on shelves. After comparing with the list of borrowed books, it can generate a list of lost books, a list of books on the wrong shelf, and prompt the correct position of the books on the wrong shelf. Putting books on shelves: Scanning the books on the shelves to indicate the physical location of the books. Searching: Enter the search conditions in the inventory operation interface, then mark it in the database, and automatically prompt when checking the books on shelves. Inventory in sequence: During the inventory process, the books that are found inconsistent with the sequence list will be prompted to indicate their location. Book positioning: It can associate book shelf information with item information, update item location information, and provide system information. Removing the old books: Batch changes can be made to the book item information on the server, carry out inventory of books on the shelf, and prompt when books on the form are encountered. Data collection processing: forms can be generated during the inventory process. With offline working mode, data can be synchronized through the network. With function of data backup and recovery, it can be operated and controlled remotely.

Self-service kiosk
  • LX-LB-M03 self-service kiosk is designed as V-groove type, fully in line with readers’ operating habits. It can quickly identify the RFID tags attached to the books without contact, and is compatible with barcode as well. 100% success rate for operation of 10 books at a time, without misreading. With toughened glass plane, can be wearproof and waterproof. With LED ambient light, guide readers to put cards and books on the machine. With QR code scanning function, mobile phone can be associated for the library card. Pictures will be taken and kept during the operation process, no need password to reduce operations. This machine provides a platform for putting bags and other personal items. Flexible and simple parameter configuration to meet individual needs. Readers can automatically print the receipt after the operation is completed. And the content of the receipt can be customized. The modules of ID card, smart card, and others can be embedded in this machine, without affecting the machine appearance. It provides status indicator to know the machine status clearly. It can also integrate the face recognition module for readers to borrow books more easily.

Smart security gate
  • LX-LB-S03 smart security gate is a high-performance RFID channel machine. It supports EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C) protocol, the main and auxiliary doors are equipped with high-gain antenna groups and the high-speed reader based on Impinj R2000. It can quickly detect multiple tags passing through the channel, and send an audible and visual alarm to illegal tags. The system has a built-in infrared sensor, which can perform two-way counting of people entering and exiting. The embedded 10.1-inch Android screen displays the number of people entering and exiting, temperature and humidity, alarm information, etc. The system is connected to the software platform directly through the RS232 or RJ45 interface, which will report detection data and all the detailed information of entry and exit. At the same time, it provides a flexible I\O interface, which can be easily connected with the equipment such as channel gate, surveillance video, automatic door and so on. Different optional versions: With screen, without screen. Black, white. Single channel, dual channel.

Smart librarian workstation
  • LX-LB-W03 librarian workstation is an integrated RFID work platform, which can read UHF RFID tags contactlessly. It has the ability to read, write and rewrite tags quickly. It is integrated by industrial-grade motherboard, 19-inch display, and high-performance reader based on Impinj R2000 platform. It can realize the requirements of reading and writing of multiple book labels at a time, and realize the functions of books borrowing and returning. It can also realize the works of reader permission modification and others which can be completed by automatic circulation system software. It also has the function of authority management of the operator. This equipment can also be used for archives label processing.

24-hour book return terminal
  • LX-LB-R01 type 24-hour book return terminal, with PLC control mechanism to operate stably. It uses pressure induction device to prevent hand clamping effectively. Books can be returned quickly by this machine. And users can return more books at a time. No need to open to the barcode page for returning, reducing the book breakage rate. This terminal is compatible with peripheral hardware devices such as card reader, barcode scanner, ID card reader, password keyboard, etc. It provides detection function to know whether the book bin is full. The card reader is embedded in the storage platform, to make the whole machine occupies a smaller area. It can be installed in the wall, can be connected to the book sorting line, and can also be placed indoors. It can also provide remote monitoring and diagnosis function. The whole process of book returning can be captured. Real-time recording of self-service operation, providing accurate work statistics. Flexible parameter configuration to meet individual needs. It also support customized machine casing design.

Tag converter (Glass type)
  • LX-LB-W03 Tag converter can be applied to the labels processing of books/archives. The system integrates Impinj R2000 high-performance read-write module. When the books/archives are processing, the label will be pasted to the books/archives firstly, then input the key words of the books/archives, complete the encoding of label data finally. Ultra-thin size design, with technology and fashion. With toughened glass plane, can be wearproof and waterproof. This equipment can be used as a librarian workstation to realize the functions of books/archives borrowing and returning.

Self-service library
  • The LX-LB-SL800 type RFID self-service library provides the services of library card registration, book borrowing and returning in 24 hours a day. It has extended the services of library to the plaza, community, metro station, school dining room, etc. to provide better services for the readers. Transparent visual design for spine, intuitive and clear; 400 books capacity for single barrel; Self-service operation for readers, real-time data upload; Automatic books loading and unloading, without manual intervention; Self-service card processing, self-service recharge, convenient and fast; It can realize the function of reserved book pick up; It supports seamless connection with the library's current management system. It supports UHF RFID library card, barcode library card, ID card, etc. 24 hours camera for remote image storage and remote monitoring. It has 21.5-inch touch screen and advertising screen to play e-books and OPAC query. It is widely used for all kinds of places such as library hall, community cultural activity points, traffic stations, leisure places, etc.

RFID smart bookcase
  • LX-LB-BF type RFID smart bookcase provides the services of borrowing, returning, and reading for books by 24 hours, and aims to providing better service for the readers. With UHF RFID technology, it can achieve the mass identification of RFID tags quickly. The process of book borrowing and returning will be simplified by this smart bookcase. It’s easy to operate, and no need any worker to manage the books. It can be easily placed in various scenarios such as school, library, train station, office building, etc. It adopts UHF RFID technology to achieve rapid batch identification with RFID tags. The fingerprint recognition, face recognition, two-dimensional code scanning, ID card, library card and other electronic access authentication are optional to equip with the bookcase. It has three conventional specifications of 8 bins, 14 bins and 30 bins, which can meet different types of scene applications.

Smart file cabinet
  • LX-LB-SSL01 UHF RFID smart file cabinet is developed by Laxcen, which is specially used for real-time inventory and positioning of documents/archives. The system has a built-in UHF RFID antenna, which can automatically read the labels of documents/archives on the shelf. The system supports functions of automatic inventory, positioning, real-time monitoring, automatic loading and unloading, electronic lock control and other software management. It can also provides function adjustment for document/archives management according to the specific requirements of customer document management.

RFID smart inventory robot
  • LX-LB-SM401 RFID smart inventory robot is developed by Laxcen Technology on the basis of many years of RFID technology application practice, in-depth research and analysis of books and archives management, combined with smart robot technology, laser scanning technology, RFID technology, cloud computing and big data computing. It can achieve the works of automatic sorting, scanning, etc for books and archives. According to the remote scanning route and operation strategy made by the library staff, the inventory robot can work after the library closed at night. The inventory data will be uploaded to the cloud platform through 4G or WIFI network. And it can achieve data reports such as the conditions of books are in wrong bookshelf, books are not in the bookshelf and books are in the bookshelf via big data calculation. With novel design, stable operation, the inventory robot is a high-performance inventory assistant.

AGV smart archives capture robot
  • The AGV smart archives capture robot has the function of putting archives on shelves automatically. After receiving the task in the file handover window, it will notify the robot to take the archives. It can take 4 archives simultaneously at a time, calculate the optimal route, and complete the archives placement. Function of putting archives off the shelves automatically. The administrator send the task command in office or by mobile terminal, the robot will capture the archives after receiving the command. It can take 4 archives simultaneously at a time, and put the archives in the handover window, inform the user to pick up the archives. Function of automatic inventory, it can inventory the necessary archives racks in the specified time and route according to the user setting. Function of safety inspection, it has high-definition camera for remote monitoring and viewing. Function of power management, when the power is low, it will return to charge automatically. One button to start, one button to close, with a touch screen for easy operation. The running status and the data collection results of the robot can be viewed remotely through the mobile terminal device.