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Bown Bear Tray

Smart devices and applications are helpful for children's education. With tablet-based education games, children can learn recognizing, spelling, calculating, programming, and many other knowledge. However, the disadvantage is obvious — watching the screen for long makes the eyes very tired. Is there a solution for that?

Brown Bear Tray — BBT is a smart tray enabled by NFC technology. When NFC-inlay-embedded blocks are placed on the tray, they can be identified and their data can be sent to tablet though BLE. Using BBT to input data to the games, children will spend more time finding, scratching, placing the blocks, and spend less time watching the screen.

Further more, under screen-free mode, the screen is totally turned off, the content of games are present by books, and voice will guide the games' process. In spelling books, there are pictures or hints of things, and children are required to spell them.In maths books, children are challenged with calculation.In story books, children will take logical analysis and reasoning.Using a partitioned map as score board, two or more children can play together under competition mode.To help students to consolidate new words, dictation of textbook word list is also supported.

Learn more and watch less, Brown Bear Tray — BBT, invented for children's screen-less and screen-free smart education games,from recognizing to spelling, from counting to calculating, better for muscle development, and better for vision protection, by Laxcen Technology.