Laxcen Introduces a robust metal tag M100L with long read range for the electrical power and energy industries
On 30-06-2017
Laxcen, the World's leading RFID tags manufacturer today announced Metal Tag M100L, the product is in line with the EPC Global Class1 Gen2 ISO 18000-6C , has excellent performance and reliability with the read range up to 23 meters. It’s the best choice for power plant, energy, manufacturing, asset management, inventory management, production line management.

About Laxcen:

Laxcen Technology limited is committed to providing high quality RFID label products to our global clients. The company has over 20 years’experience in electronic packaging and reliability tests. The central RFID research and development laboratory includes the state-of-the-art anechoic chamber, mechanical reliability measurement facilities, and other fatigue analysis tools.

Laxcen provides customized design and manufacturing services to meet various requirements. Our products are widely used in logistics, retail, apparel, identification, aviation, ticketing, asset tracking systems, and etc.

Laxcen is constantly developing new technology and manufactures the highest quality products. We will be your reliable business partner in RFID industry.