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XIDIAN University adopted Laxcen’s smart library solution

Release time:2018-06-25 laxcen Click:1667

Recently, XIDIAN University (referred to Xi’an University of Electric and Science) has deployed Laxcen’s customized Smart Library Solutions to realize the quick and accurate inventory of more than 600 million books of the whole library, as well as the self-help off-site returning service between two campuses in North and South, which drastically reduce the workload of inventory and checking of books, improve the book circulation efficiency and book lending efficiency of books for all the teachers and students.


The customized smart library solutions include a reading statistics platform of the whole library, customized mobile inventory carts and self-service book-returning carts. The entire museum the reading statistics platform of whole library adopts an open system architecture that can be compatible with the existing library management platform of XIDIAN University to realize the inquiry, statistics and analysis of the books and documentary in library. Customized inventory carts are set with touch screen, host, reading devices and batteries, connected to computers and servers via a standard serial port, USB, network protocol or wireless network protocol for data transmission, realize the automatic book inventory through book labels identification system.


Self-help book-returning carts can read RFID labels in the book, automatically determine whether it belongs to the library or not to achieve the self-service returning and multiple returning in one operation, it makes more convenient experience for teachers and students of two campuses.