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Technical Services

Laxcen has a professional technical support team, to provide you with one to one technical quality problem-solving. From the raw materials of the products to finished products, the products have a complete set of quality system and solutions. The company has advanced R & D and testing laboratories for RFID tags, large microwave anechoic chambers and periodic testing of special application scenarios. Products for all aspects of testing and evaluation. In addition, we can design and manufacture all kinds of customized products according to the complicated and changeable RFID application needs of customers.


Focusing on strategic emerging industries, the Company's technology service platform focuses on a new generation of information technologies such as RFID, Internet of Things and mobile payment. It aims to provide professional public services that provide common technology in the industry chain with the aim of enhancing local RFID technology and expanding the scale of RFID applications, Serve the national strategy and promote the development of Internet of Things industry. Relying on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national integrated circuit public service platform to build networking technology innovation center, the common technology research results into platform services to RFID testing and application engineering solutions as the main service content to form a technical test for the Lord, combined with technical advice, technical analysis, technical guidance service model.


Independent research and development company UHF test system and independent building can completely simulate the RFID tag based on the use of environmental technology innovation center, the other through the purchase of NFC test system, HF high-frequency tag performance tester and reliability testing equipment Related testing equipment, to provide customers with the most comprehensive domestic RFID-related technology special testing services.


The company now has 12 technical services team, of whom five senior titles, most of the technical staff have many years of RF testing work experience, proficiency in the operation of a variety of advanced professional equipment, familiar with the field of international and National standards, the average age of the team around the age of 30, is a dynamic, young team. At the same time the company and the industry a number of advantageous units and research institutes to establish a joint laboratory, enrich the R & D and service team strength.


The company's professional and technical services for scientific research, major projects have played a positive role in supporting and promoting, we not only provide testing services, more importantly, through unique and innovative analysis, commissioning services to help customers in the practical application of the product The reliability has been guaranteed; and reflects the company's technical support in the product play an important role and to increase business product innovation driving force.