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Analysis and Testing

Customer satisfaction has always been the highest goal pursued by our company. Every employee of Laxcen regards it as the first goal, takes scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, makes timely delivery, keeps promise in good faith and pursues continuous improvement of product quality. Our company has over 20 years of technical accumulation in the field of electronic label packaging and product reliability control. In addition to having a complete production system, we also have a complete and rigorous testing system. With advanced RFID label product research and development testing laboratory, large periodic testing of microwave dark room, special application scenario development test environment, including microwave dark room to provide antenna design and type selection, electric performance test requirements and in accordance with the test standard of the American academy of Arkansas customization, with the ability to electronic tag ARC simulation test. The IOT technology innovation center, jointly established with the national IC public service platform of the ministry of industry and information technology, can provide professional third-party RFID label testing test reports. The failure analysis center and the product reliability research center are responsible for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and providing high-performance electronic label products with superior quality.

As the R & D center with professional testing capability authorized by the ministry of industry and information technology, the testing items that can be realized are: material properties, environmental adaptability, adhesion strength, anti-magnetic field, anti-static, flame retardant, reading distance, reading Angle, dynamic reading rate, etc. Physical characteristics such as appearance structure, function and performance, power supply adaptability, noise, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental adaptability and reliability, etc.

In addition, there are standard compliance tests (Reader functional tests, label functional tests), interoperability tests, performance tests, and RFID product physical tests and quality certification.

Our company has a lot of professional technicians who are familiar with relevant product standards, testing methods and testing equipment. We have fixed laboratory environment and facilities to meet product inspection requirements; we have the testing instruments and equipment that meet the inspection of related products and the requirements of standards; The management of the laboratory complies with the accreditation requirements of the test and calibration laboratory accreditation criteria (ISO/IEC 17025). The existing inspection equipment can meet the needs of daily product self-inspection and customer commissioned testing