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Sales and channels

Channel policy

Laxcen Technology increases investment to build channels, and provide more support to our agents. Now we have opened a global partner recruitment plan to fully cover primary and secondary cities in China and are distributed in various regions of the whole country including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We plan to achieve full coverage of primary, secondary and third cities by the end of 2017 while the number of agents reached 100.

With the introduction of new products and new applications, according to the different resources invested by both, the agency structure is divided into two levels, gold agents and secondary distributors. For the certified agents, there are specific-industry certification for the industry agents.

Gold Agents

According to agent’s own needs, our products, solutions and services are available, sales and technical team provide full-sides support; benefice for its fund investment on his market, project cooperation opportunities and service support and many other types of preferential policies and incentives.

Silver agents

Mainly in the form of project cooperation, that is, the company has the project resources, can share project opportunities, business cooperation and maximize the share profits .

Become a channel partner

The Channel Business Plan of Laxcen Technology focus on the basic products and solutions of Internet of Things, open its technical interface to channel partners, based on the global technical experts, laboratory resources, manufacturing resources throughout the world, to support channel partners to develop business plan for each Industry clients.

Channel Partner Application Process

There are two ways to apply Channel partners:

1.Mail application:

Please fill out and submit the detailed agent application, our specialist will take responsibility for reviewing and replying you.

2.Phone application:

You can also directly call to discuss cooperation issues, the contact is as follows:

Channel hotline: 0574-55123888


Supplier cooperation

  • Registration

    1.Submit the registration application

    The following original pieces are necessary upon request:

    1) Business license (copy) of legal person of the company shall pass the annual inspection of the previous year with a clear annual inspection certificate.

    2) Tax registration certificate (copy).

    3) Organization Code Certificate(copy)

    2.Accept the registration

    We will accept within 2 working days, the results will be informed by email:

    Result 1:registration approval

    Result 2:if audit fails, you need to update the relevant information before the re-submission and wait for our review again.

    Notice:In order to receive successfully the notification of registration result, you should ensure that your mobile phone number and e-mail address are accurate.

  • Self-recommendation

    3.Submit a referral application

    Registered suppliers submit their referral information for the purchasing department’s review.

    4.Accept the application

    The purchasing department will review the referral certificates and corresponding qualifications of the applicants who submitted their applications according to the requirements of the self-recommended suppliers and report the results of self-recommendation to the suppliers. Self-recommended suppliers who were accepted will enter the purchasing department's self-recommended supplier list.

  • Certification

    5.Wait for contact and inspection

    After the successful self-recommendation, if purchasing department intent to cooperate with the supplier, will take the initiative to contact you to discuss.

    6.Qualified supplier certification

    The supplier certified by the purchasing department become qualified suppliers.

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